Love Perfectly Heals

This is how it perfectly works. The Lord heals beautifully. Stripping us off our old masks and dark pasts. Unworthy as we are, His faithful love and mercy would always choose to bring out the best in us – over and over and over again. He would always bring us back to where we should be. You fall, He picks you up. You try to escape, He runs after you, pursuing you like no other. There is no escaping His love. And no other love does it better. Only His love. Only God. 

He perfectly makes us new. This healing experience then moves us to emanate His glory, to make us a representation of Himself – a healer as well. This experience is so powerful that it inspires us to do more, to serve Him more, to speak of Him more, to seek Him more, to breathe for Him alone, to make Him known, and to praise Him for the rest of our lives. It becomes an experience that makes us want nothing else but to be consumed by Him and Him alone.

We then realize that we were healed so that we too may become instruments of healing to others who need this experience in their lives. We are saved so He can use us to save. We are transformed so He can use us to transform. We are loved so we can love. Amazing God.

They say that the only way your heart will mend is when you learn to love again. There is no other way to do this but to let Love heal you. God’s love perfectly heals. God longs to comfort you. His love offers you hope. Give Him the chance to mend your broken heart. The more you let His love enter into your heart, the more you start to love again. Give your heart to Him and you’ll be surprised finding yourself capable of loving once more, and even so much more than before.


Let Go and Let God Love You

I find my phone so essential. All my contacts are there. It is so easy to call and text people with it. It stores the important pictures of all my missions and other significant life experiences. In it are some of my most important files – notes, audio recordings, PDF files, music playlists and all the others. It provides me with unlimited access to internet. My phone has made life a lot so much easier and convenient for me.

Well, I lost my phone yesterday. When I was already in my destination and was looking for it and found it nowhere in my bag, that’s when I realized that t I accidentally left it on the taxi seat without even noticing.  I tried to call. For the first two calls, it was ringing. The next call I did, it cannot be reached anymore. I did not know what to feel. I felt so bad and I kept blaming myself for what happened for the whole morning. It was so hard to let go of my phone. I felt so helpless I decided to attend mass to clear my mind out. And while in Mass, God spoke to me in a resounding manner. So resounding, I’m sure it was Him speaking right through my heart.

During homily, the priest was sharing about the feast of the Ascension of our Lord in a perspective I never saw before. The main message was that the Ascension of our Lord is an invitation for us to LET GO. It is not about Jesus leaving us, it was about Him ascending back in heaven so that the plan of salvation may come to happen. It was about the apostles letting Jesus go so greater things may come. Two words hit me. LET GO. Let go of old things so that new things may come. Let go of the things not essential so that what you keep in your life are only those that matter – only those that will bring you to heaven. Let go of things dear to you because God will give you something greater. Do not be afraid to let go for in letting go, you let God work and you let Him bring you to where you should supposedly be. Let go and trust that God will never leave you. Honestly, the homily gave me comfort and made it possible for me to move on from my very miserable morning experience.

Two days ago, I posted something on Facebook which said “the only essential in my life is God’s love”. Well, God is seriously at work. He is speaking. I pray for courage to do whatever He asks of me. I pray for courage that I may be able to let go and trust in full surrender to His greater plans for me.

I woke up today without the phone I was so used to. I woke up today realizing I had to let go of the convenience my phone gives me. I woke up today missing my phone. Well, I stopped blaming myself for it. Blaming wouldn’t do any good. Life must go on. I have to accept it and move on. Now I am using my old Nokia basic phone (for the mean time). I might have lost something I find so important but what matters now is that I have become so strongly enlightened with my experience.

God speaks not in an audible voice but through experiences He knows we will best understand. God knew a lost phone would remind me of what is essential. Yes, the only essential in my life is His love. God tells me to let go and let Him love me with His love alone. He reminded me of this so clearly. With His love, I am never hopeless. In His love, letting go is beautiful. I may lose everything, but as long as I am in His love, I will never run out of hope and joy. Let go and let God love you the best way He knows how.

Love and Changes

Behold, I make all things new. Revelations 21:5

They say that the only constant thing in life is change. Changes are a constant part of our lives. And it is not always easy. At a moment when you have been so comfortable with who you are and where you are, life changes aren’t that simple to take in. Instead of accepting change, you resist and you fear.

When change comes, you resist. You resist the change to avoid what it may bring. You resist and stop your journey out of hesitation. You build walls and close your door. You stop and choose to remain where you are, to stay within your comforts.

When change comes, you fear. You fear the uncertainty it brings. You are afraid to be sent somewhere else. You are afraid to let new people in. You fear getting hurt or hurting others. You are scared for in change you think that you might lose something you have earned. You fear for in change you think you might lose an important part of yourself.

But more than change, the only constant in life is the love of God. In the many changes that happen in our lives is the presence of God. Yes, God is actively loving you through the changes in your life. He allows you to experience change for you to be transformed to become the person you are ought to be. And so, when changes come, you are called to openly embrace every bit of it with confidence and trust.

When change comes, do not resist it but embrace every single experience it brings. In it, you will learn. In it, you will grow. In it, you will be a step closer to a better version of who you can be.

When changes come, do not fear but trust that it is God loving you through every bit of it. Do not fear to let new things come in your life, it is in the new things where growth comes in. Do not be scared of being pushed beyond your comforts, it is beyond where your best potentials shall come out. Do not fear losing, for as these changes come from God, you shall lose nothing but instead gain everything. And at the end of it all, you will see that it was all worth it.

God is certainly loving us through the many changes in our lives. 2013 was a year of being changed by the Lord, and through it all, we have become the persons we are today. It has been an adventure of ups and downs and now we end 2013 with deep gratitude for all that the Lord has done in us and through us.

This 2014, God is giving us another opportunity to grow better, to be much more happier, to be loved and to love all the more. This New Year is a new journey filled with a lot of change experiences. Do not be afraid. Let us allow God to change us. Let us allow God to love us. May we grow to be in joyful anticipation of the many exciting changes this year may bring knowing that in every change experience is an intimate love experience with the Lord. In His love alone can we be transformed so that we can be truly happy.

Lord, this 2014, change me. Make me the person you want me to be. Renew me and transform me. Grant me the grace to embrace all of the life changes I am about to encounter this year. I want to be loved by You and You alone. May I trust you even more this 2014. Bring it on, Lord.

How do you explain Love?

Anyone who knows he is loved is in turn prompted to love. It is the Lord himself, who loved us first, who asks us to place at the center of our lives love for him and for the people he has loved. PBXVI

Last Tuesday, a lot of people kept asking me what my birthday wish was. I would find it hard to answer as I would always say to myself that I am already happy and content and that I do not have material things to wish for. I am happy where I am now. But thinking about it, I realize that I have two wishes and hopes for my 27th birthday.

First, to see everyone around me loved and happy as much as I am. I realized that my happiness now is defined by being able to share the love of the Lord in my life to everyone else around me. God has been filling me so much love and inspiration and I pray that I may generously share this. God has loved me so I can love as well. I pray that others may see, experience and understand this Love that has been transforming me overwhelmingly as well.

Second, to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord for the coming years of my life. Now, at this moment and age of my life, that I have understood that what matters is that I am loved by God and that I love Him return, I desire nothing else but more of this in my life. In His love, I know I will find peace. In His love, I know I can gain strength. In His love, I know I will find answers, in His perfect time, according to His perfect ways. His love is my security. In His love is my identity. His love makes me fearless. His love makes me hopeful. His love gives me Joy. And so I pray to grow in age and beauty in His love alone. Wherever His love leads me, there I desire to go.

How do you explain this Love that changes you? How do you explain this Love that moves you to say yes no matter what it takes, no matter the sacrifices? How do you explain the beauty of His love, capturing you inside and out? The only explanation to love is Love. As Pope John Paul II would say it, “Love is the explanation for everything”. As Mother Teresa would define it, “Where there is God, there is Love.” There is no ending in this story but to fall for Him more and more each day, over and over again. It all starts and ends with His Love. The gift of God’s love so real and manifested in my life right now is the best gift I have on my birthday. What else can I ask for but more this in my life.

Who I am today, what I’ve become and where I am is all because of God’s love for me. Hindi dahil sa kung sino ako at kung anong mga nagagawa ko, kundi dahil sa magaling na Diyos ng buhay ko. Siya ang magaling. Siya ang matindi. Siya ang pagmamahal. Siya lang talaga, wala nang iba pa.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me! You all made my birthday extra special by making God’s love real on this day of celebration. Thank you Lord for the gift of 27 years and I am in joyful anticipation of the many more that you have in store for me for the next years of my life. Thank you Lord for just directing my life unto Your plans. Everyday, may I be a step closer to You. Grant me the grace to become the woman you want me to be. I want nothing else but more of You, Lord. Mama Mary, pray for me that I may grow to become as beautiful as you are, inside and out.

Daddy, wherever you are, I know you are looking over me. Thank you for making me feel your presence on the day of my birthday. You are very real in my heart and I just want to say that I am the woman I am today because of God’s love through you, mommy, kuya, john and james. I miss you big time and I love you with all of my heart. We shall see each other again, in heaven, in God’s perfect time. Pray for us always.



*A special gift from the passionate CFCYFL Metro Manila Team. Thank you Manila Team. You are family to me. Excited to serve with all of you this year. 

Faith Works Wonders


From last year, I was really affirmed that the message of our CFCFFL community’s theme would always be personal to each of us individually in the way God knows best. Last year’s theme was Choose Life – and what better way to understand this but by through the whole experience of losing daddy. How can I choose life when there is death of someone really close to my heart? Yes, there is life in death, only if you choose life despite the pain. Only if you choose God, no matter what. Only if you understand that there is no other way to live your life but in Christ.

This year’s theme is Faith Works Wonders – and what better way to understand this but by through experiences wherein faith will be tested. In a short span of these past two weeks of February 2013, a lot of my friends close to my heart have been experiencing faith-testing events in their lives. Tita Mercy Cruz (whose family is so dear to us) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Tito Edwin Martinez, the father of Dianne Martinez (my good good friend all the way from high school), passed away. Tito Ruben Moriones, the father of RJ Moriones (my good friend and co-missionary) passed away. I would recall how we, as a family, also faced the start of last year with a lot of questions and uncertainties as daddy passed away and went back home to heaven.

I remember a close friend of mine asking, “How can I say that faith works wonders if life has become too painful to bear? Paano mangyayari ang wonder na yan eh masakit lang ang lahat ngayon?” There are questions in life whose answers only God knows. There are pains in life that only God can heal. There are storms that only God can make still. Well, God’s wisdom are far beyond human comprehension; and because He is God and He loves us, His wisdom will always be perfect.

Pondering upon all these, I realized that faith will definitely work wonders for all of us because the God who promises these great things to us is a God who overwhelmingly loves us. But the “wonders” that God will make us experience will be according to how He defines it, according to how He knows will be perfect for us at this time of our life. His definition of what these “great and wonders” may be different from what ours are. It is easy to say “faith works wonders” when everything works well for us. But sometimes life gets too painful. We do not get what we want (even if we have been asking in faith) and everything seem very far from “faith works wonders”; and so we start to lose hope of the promise that these three powerful words hold.

But God’s grace is real and our faith will definitely save us. We must hold on to the truth that God knows what he is doing. He is God and we are not; and He is a God who loves us so much. He is up to something great. We might not understand now, but we definitely will, in His own perfect time. Amazing that despite the uncertainty, hurt and difficultly, we still have that hope in our heart to still say that really “faith works wonders”, because of our faith – our faith which is solidly set on the Lord; our faith, which joyfully and patiently awaits the fulfillment of His loving plans for our life. Faith works wonders in His perfect ways and at His perfect time. We just have to trust Him on this.

I have learned that what we have to do is to pray for the grace to accept whatever His will is for us, whatever “greater things” he is to make us experience, whatever “wonders” we are to witness. May we lovingly obey and be in completely surrender to Him at all cost, at all times, no matter what.

I heard the term co-naturality from one of the recollections we had recently. It means “maranasan mo ang naranasan ni Kristo nang lubusang mong maintindihan ang kalooban Niya”. I have been reflecting over this for the past days and the Lord has been leading me to a deeper understanding of His love through this. My prayer and desire in life is to be able to do the will of God. But now I realize that to be able to do this, I have to experience what Christ has experienced. I have to be one with His heart. I should deny myself that I may be able to allow Him to take full control of my life. It should be “No longer I, but Christ” (Galatians 2:20) that I may truly understand His loving will for my life; and I then pray to grow in full obedience to Him all the more. It is only in His will where the wonders are. Easier said than done. But I believe that God’s grace can make this possible despite the frailty of my human heart.

And so now I pray for the grace to be able to be more like Christ in the way I live my life. I pray that I may endure in faith that I may be able to faithfully accept His will for my life. I pray that I may grow to become a worthy instrument, striving for holiness and humility each and everyday. I desire to be able to deepen faith that I may be made worthy to do the “greater works” of the Lord so that I may truly experience Faith Works Wonders in my life. And when I profess “Lord, may Your will be done in my life”, I pray that I may really be able to entrust my whole life unto His loving hands.

In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith; of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honorwhen Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:6-7

{ Daddy, I miss you and I love you. Your passing away has taught us a lot of what it means to really have faith in the Lord. You have inspired us to grow in our faith and this has brought us to where we are today. We have become persons of faith, hope and love because of your example. May we be able to share this faith to others who need it the most now. Help us pray for the eternal repose of the souls of Tito Edwin and Tito Ruben and the complete healing of Tita Mercy. }

2012 Starts and Ends with Love

Love is what best captures my 2012. It all starts and ends with Love – with God, who is all Love Himself. I end this year thanking God for the gift of His Love.


The year started with God teaching my family what Love is when daddy left us and went back home to heaven. How did I understand love when life became too painful to bear? How did I understand life when the only thing that was real was daddy’s death? How can there be life in death? How did I choose God in this loss? How did I choose life in daddy’s death? God’s love penetrated right through the depths of my heart, healing me the way He knows how and making me understand that all of these will always be about His love for my family, no matter how difficult it was. Everything was about His love.

Everything was so difficult to accept early this year, but it was God’s grace that kept us alive. Yes, there is life in death. Now more than ever, I understood with all of my heart and soul that what is important in this life is my relationship with God and the people around me, that love and life is what matters, that at the end of this journey, only God matters.

And so I faced this year with all of daddy’s inspiration in my heart and all of God’s promise of love amidst the pain. And so this year, God made me witness a lot of things, which were all way beyond my imagination. God brought me into a deeper experience of Him and His love as a daughter, a sister, a friend and a missionary.

Impossible things coming into life. Dreams happening right before my very eyes. Prayers answered. Lives changed. Hearts restored. Limits defied. Hopelessness turned into inspiration. Pain transformed into love. Death becoming life.  Year of changes. Year of risks. Year of faith started as early as 2012 for me and my family. This year was a fulfillment of a lot of what I have never seen, heard, felt and experienced before.

God allowed me to experience Him and His love differently this year. All of 2012 was Love.

Love was being able to embrace the pain and accept the reality of losing daddy at the first month of this year. Love was being able to trust in God’s beautiful wisdom despite our loss. Love was being in total surrender to His will at this difficult experience. In pain or in happiness, love was being able to say, “Yes, Lord I will praise Your Name.” Lord, we continue to cling to Your promise.

21922_10151493819474745_1280976237_n-1 40days

Love was being able to serve in almost all the congresses, most especially during WYC2012 and the ALL STARS Youthfest. Love was being able to be gifted with vision and imagination on how to put up our events differently this year – everything was upgraded and was brought to greater heights!

576400_430536426959815_2032838861_n 544769_430538193626305_1362734022_n ALL STARS LOVE

Love was serving at the World Handmaid’s Congress for the first time, being able to support my mother and understand her all the more through this experience.

Love was serving and sharing to the CFCYFL Metro Manila leaders God’s greatness during the Summer House Training and all other summer missions. It is a privilege to be used by the Lord in making His love known to more and more youth in a whole lot different level.

Love was experiencing the Lord through my 5 week Europe mission (Vienna, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Rome and Paris), sharing my Choose Life experience early this year to the beautiful CFC FFL Community all over Europe, serving at the European Singles and Youth Conferences, meeting beautiful people in all seven countries. All of it was nothing less than beautiful. In my visit at St. Peter’s Basilica, God taught me that Love is Effort; and this has changed my perspective about love throughout the year. Truly, God knows how to heal a broken heart by making me experience this unforgettable mission trip with Kuya Cocoi, amazing are the plans of God. The mission trip happened at the perfect moment when I needed it the most. Your wisdom is beautiful, God.

551002_3522770948589_1670519062_n 2012-08-11 02.15.49 544573_429103727128988_587809325_n 487712_10150918339670653_389745180_n562694_4246120391408_989466076_n 557050_10150953146462204_1805220613_n

Love was being able to serve for the first time with the CBCP-ECY during the one week National Conference for Youth Ministers held at Legazpi. It was a different experience for me, making me appreciate the Catholic Church all the more and affirming me that I am where I am supposed to me at this moment of my life. Met a lot of new people who are all willing to sacrifice a lot to be able to further God’s mission through the Catholic Church. What beautiful faith we have! I have the best job in the whole wide world, really!


Love was discovering and tapping new YFL talents in all our CFCYFL events this year and being able to share the blessing of using your talents for the Lord. Love was holding auditions to form the YFL Dance Crew and bringing in new talents for the YFL Music Ministry. Love was mounting a never-before-seen production for the ALL STARS Youthfest, witnessing how God changed the lives of everyone involved in this production, God affirming me once more that nothing is impossible with the power of His grace.

644637_10151212592929933_2074190181_n 581145_2881843664158_1164682365_n

ALL STARS PROD 76237_10151143146304639_677687870_n

Love was being part of the amazing CFCYFL Team and being able to dream with them, to push myself beyond my limits with them, to witness miracles with them and to deepen my conviction as a missionary with all of them. It was an intense wind catching year for all of us, and yes, we went where the Spirit led us and so we are who we are today. I grew to be stronger and more mature in my missionary life through all my experiences with the ministry and this family around. This team is my family and they have made life a lot more exciting and beautiful throughout this year. I can’t thank God enough for them. Thank you Lord for my HC family!


Love was being able to have the opportunity to lead the promising CFCYFL Metro Manila Team, allowing God to be powerfully at work in all of us. It was a challenging year for all of us but God was faithful to all of us. Love was felt in the presence of our couple coordinators. Love was felt in every sacrifice made by each of the new mission volunteers in our team! This team is truly God’s beautiful gift to me this year.

564027_2419539465585_176285722_n 77048_10151705717480166_452934086_n 71692_4130810709203_558948530_n

Love was doing things we have never done before in CFCYFL. Fireworks and freebies in our congresses. Meeting deadlines. Intense productions and a whole lot more! It was such a beautiful privilege to be part of this fearless family who are all more than willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Lord.


Love was passing my MA Comprehensive Exams. How are able to do everything? If it is Love that motivates you then definitely impossible is nothing. For me it was way beyond my capacity to do practicum, take comprehensive exams and pursue masters alongside my missionary life, but God was so alive and really, all things work for good for those who love and serve the Lord.


Love was being able to drive alone this year for the first time! Love is being able to win the trust of Kuya EJ when it comes to my driving career (which by the way was a long process). Thank you Kuya! Definitely, looking forward for more!


Love was having the sincerest and most genuine friends around! A lot has changed this year but true friendships were made stronger. Thank you Lord for all the great friends who were there for me and my family through this intense year. They were all great expressions of Your unwavering love for me.

543841_4964881570628_1579087600_n 376380_10150885801631339_1090242177_n 303344_4037980785704_1865773516_n 251370_10151044919406339_1047186061_n

Love was being able to do more, serve more and love my family more and more this year. As months went by, we experienced a lot of firsts (birthdays and other celebrations) without daddy around. Genuine support. Solid prayers for each other. True Family Love. Truly, we have grown more in love as a family with daddy watching over us all the way from heaven.

AGUILA CHRISTMAS 574932_4134543642524_1577306477_n 250803_3362688186620_158752070_n

Love was being able to do what God asked of  me to do. Before the year started, I prayed that I may grow stronger as woman this year. This 2012, I must say that I have grown to be a more mature daughter, friend, sister and missionary with all that the Lord has made me experience. I have understood Love at its finest and it has made me the different woman that I am now. Love is the only force capable of changing the heart of the human person and truly this was real in me throughout this journey. This year has brought me steps closer to my dream of becoming the woman that the Lord wants me to be and I thank the Lord for this.

Thank You Card Daddy

What really matters in life is that we are loved by Christ and that we love Him in return. In comparison to the love of Jesus, everything else is secondary. And, without the love of Jesus, everything is useless (PJPII). This is my 2012; and with so much of God’s love in my heart and in my life I am in joyful anticipation of the best that is yet to come. I am very much excited to be all the more loved and to share more of this love that has expanded my heart this year to everyone else this coming 2013. Greater things are definitely yet to come!


Thank you Lord for loving me like no other this 2012. You have made me a person of love through this year and I am more than willing to be used by You this coming year. Set a fire in my heart that I cannot contain and I cannot control, I want more of You God. I want more of Your love. I want to be able to love like You. I pray for the grace to become the woman You want me to be. I pray to grow in faith this 2013. I hold on to Your beautiful promise. Take control and lead me to where You want me to be. Let Your will be done in my life. I love You Lord.


(Daddy, wherever you are, thank you for loving us continually. We may not be seeing you everyday at home, but your loving presence is so real in our lives. May we continue your legacy of life, love and inspiration all the more this coming 2013. We promise to take care of mommy. We promise to take care of each other. We promise to serve the Lord with our lives. We promise to strive to become the persons God wants us to be, that in God’s perfect time we may see each other again, up there in heaven. I love you daddy.)

Promise Keeper

God is a promise keeper. Beautiful how it works. God promises. We await, learn and become better persons during the whole waiting process. At the end of the day God fulfills that promise, in ways far greater than our imagination. Amazing.

Between the declaration of the promise and the fulfillment of that promise is a beautiful journey filled with experiences that bring out the best in us. While awaiting for the promise to happen, often times I would catch myself questioning. When Lord? Why? How? Is this still possible? Where? How long? How far? What more? And during these times God would never fail to hold my hand, shake my heart and tell me face to face, Wag kang matakot, Ako ang bahala sayo. Sagot kita, Joy.

And I would again remind myself and once more realize that all of these is about God. I do what I do because of God. I do the things I find hard to do because of God. I keep on pushing because of God. I dare venture things I have never done before because of God. I continue to give more because of God. I continue to seek more, to learn more, to love more, all because of God. All I have is from God and all there is to give, I offer solely to Him. I am here because of God. It starts and ends with God.

Before I know it, in His timing, the promise has been fulfilled. And I then I find myself amazed and humbled before the Lord once again. God knows our hearts. God keeps His promises. He even gives it in packages way more beautiful than how we imagined it to be. The promise will definitely come into fulfillment at His perfect time. There is beautiful wisdom behind everything, we just have to trust in God’s ways and timing.

Countless times in life, God would always move us to do impossible things. Hard to understand at times but God is upto something great. And yes, with His grace, we can truly do impossible things with Him and for Him. All we have to do is to take that risk of doing the impossible and believing that His grace will keep us and will enable us to make great things happen for Him. If it is for the Lord, then nothing can stop us.

God is my life inspiration and my sole motivation. It is all about Him loving me this much and myself loving Him with as much as I can with how I live my life. If doing these things that you want me to do Lord will shout out how much I love You, then make me do more for you. If deciding to say yes to Your will everyday of my life is an expression of my love for You, then grant me the grace to fearlessly do what You ask me to do each waking moment of my life. If this is how it works, then when it comes to serving and giving what I have for God, walang tipiran. Ibubuhos ko ang lahat lahat para kay Kristo. Buong buhay, habang buhay, kay Kristo lang. Ito ang BUHAY ALL STARS. There is so much of God’s love in my heart that I am moved to seek to do more for Him. Lord grant me the grace to desire Your will in my life.

Thank you Lord for working powerfully through us during the Metro Manila ALL STARS YOUTHFEST 2012. Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and for using me to make the impossible happen. Thank you for the privilege to lead an ALL STARS production team who are all amazingly talented and passionate. Thank you Lord for loving me this much. I am here, more than ready and willing to do anything for You for the rest of my life.

Daddy, I know you are up there in heaven watching over us, cheering for us and praying for us. Thank you for being with us in spirit. God has been making us experience wonders and I know that you have been interceding powerfully for us. You are my inspiring in all that I do. I love you and I miss you daddy.